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As believers in Christ, we daily enjoy the Lord and experience Him either personally or corporately. On this page, we have compiled some of the testimonies that the believers in the Lord had and were submitted to be posted here. Enjoy reading them and if you want to share your testimony or experience of Christ, please feel free to send it to us via email at Selected posts will be published in this Testimonies section.

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The Best and Most Valuable Prayer

The best and most valuable prayer is not one in which we speak but one in which God speaks. The best and most valuable prayer is not one in which we cry out or beseech but one in which we inquire and let God speak. To cry out is to tell God the things of man, but to beseech is to beg for the things of God. The best prayer is to inquire. To inquire is to let God speak so that the words spoken are God’s speaking within man, God’s expressions.

Loving People, having a Conscience without Offense, and Going Out in Faith

In order to experience the power from the baptism in the Holy Spirit for the preaching of the gospel, we must love people. We should pray, “Lord, impress me with and grant me a concern for others. Impart Your love into me that I may have a genuine love for the perishing souls.” If we have this kind of concern, the Lord will honor our believing, and our experience in going out to preach will be greatly improved.

The Blood of Christ

Our salvation lies in looking away to the Lord Jesus and in seeing that the Blood of the Lamb has met the whole situation created by our sins and has answered it. That is the sure foundation on which we stand. Never should we try to answer Satan with our good conduct but always with the Blood. Yes, we are sinful, but, praise God! The Blood cleanses us from every sin. God looks upon the Blood whereby his Son has met the charge, and Satan has no more ground of attack.

Christ, the All-Inclusive One to us

Day by day we are speaking many words. But do you realize that all our words must be Christ? Do you speak Christ? Do you take Christ as your words? If you do not, you are speaking nonsense. Perhaps you will ask what I mean. I mean this: if you have received light to see that in God’s mind Christ is everything, the Holy Spirit will lead you to the place where you realize that even the words you speak day by day must be Christ. You will accept the work of the cross upon…

The Life that God has ordained for a Christian

The life that God ordains for a Christian is one that is filled with peace and joy. It is a life that is full of activity, vitality, and God’s will. But what kind of life do we live? If we are not living the life that God has ordained, we need to overcome and breakthrough in this matter. Consequently, we need to consider our experience today. This is not an easy subject to speak on. Some of our experiences may be quite sad. However, we will see our lack when we humble ourselves.

Truth Seminar 4: The World Situation and Returning to Orthodoxy of God’s People

What is God doing now through the changes of the world situation? How can we cooperate with God to end this age? Human history spans almost six thousand years—four thousand years before Christ and two thousand years after Christ. In the last two thousand years there have been four great events. To accomplish His purpose on this earth, God needs to direct the political situation. The entire political situation on this earth is under God’s sovereignty.

Singapore Book Fair @ Suntec City

Singapore Book Fair (SBF) 2017, 30th May to 5th June, at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, attracted an overwhelming crowd of people from all walks of life. Our booth was filled with literature by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, including Study Bible (Recovery Version), Hymnal CDs, Books with topics concerning Life, Christ, Church, Kingdom, Young People, etc. This year, books with the titles The Normal Christian Life, The Overcoming Life, and Recovery Version Bible, are in great demand.

Video Testimony of our Christian Book Club

Christian Book Club(CBC) is a periodic Christian reading programs hosted by The Truth Bookroom in Singapore. Our goal is to help Christian readers to get spiritual supply through reading most acclaimed books of our authors — Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. This program started in 2017. We had read 4 best sellers with more than 100+ readers in Singapore in our programs of 2017. Hear what our readers share about their experience!

I Am Forgiven

Lately God reminded me of uncle J., a taxi driver whom I had met few months back during my work trip whose story I could never forget. Uncle J. used to be a devoted Christian who loved God and served God with his whole heart. He actively involved in his church’s services and was a member of the church’s congregation with his home widely opened for various cell groups and church gatherings. There had been love and joy in him whenever coming to God. However, …

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