Thank the Lord for the 3rd session of CBC 6 on The Glorious Church on 21 Apr 2018, we read Chapter 4 Part B concerning the principle of the man-child.

Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they loved not their soul-life even unto death.

The Blood of the Lamb: “The precious blood is the basis of spiritual warfare. If we do not know the value of the blood, we cannot fight. Once our conscience is weakened, we are finished. … Spiritual warfare requires a conscience without offense, and the blood alone can give us such a conscience.”

The word of their testimony: “Testimony means to tell others what there is in Christ, and the word of testimony is something which must be spoken forth. The overcomers must frequently proclaim the victory of Christ. Satan fears most when this fact is repeated again and again. It is the fact that kingdom of heaven will come; it is a fact that the Lord is King; it is the fact that Christ is victorious and forever victorious,… When we proclaim Christ is this and Christ is that, this is the testimony.”

Not loving our own soul-life: “The attitude of the overcomer is that he does not care what Satan may do to him. Even though Satan would take his life away, he would never bow to Satan, but always remain faithful to God. The attitude of the overcomer is to be able to say to the Lord: ‘For Your sake there is not one thing that I would not forsake, even my life’.”

May the Lord gain each one of us, to be the living overcomers!


For individual reading assignment during the week, all readers will get into Chapter 5 “The Holy City, New Jerusalem” – Part A. Pray that we will be brought to a higher ground to see God’s heart desire, and to see the principle of Babylon and principle of Bride.


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