Hallelujah for Christian Book Club 7! We have completed the 8-week reading journey with our dear brothers & sisters last Saturday, on The Knowledge of Life, by Witness Lee. It’s eye-opening to see what Life and experience of Life are as revealed in the Scripture.


1 John 5:12 He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life.


We have concluded the reading session with the five crucial points for our growth in life in Chapter 14:

  1. We must want the shining
  2. We should open ourselves to the Lord
  3. We should put a stop to ourselves
  4. We should not dispute with light
  5. We should continuously live in the light


May the hymn that we sang be our prayer to the Lord: https://www.hymnal.net/en/hymn/h/750 :


1 God’s intention is to have us all conformed to His dear Son;

Thus a work of transformation by the Spirit must be done.



Lord, transform us to Thine image in emotion, mind, and will;

Saturate us with Thy Spirit, all our being wholly fill.


2 God hath us regenerated In our spirit with His life;

But He must transform us further- in our soul by His own life.


3 Spreading outward from our spirit doth the Lord transform our soul,

By the inward parts renewing, till within His full control.


4 By the power of His Spirit in His pattern He transforms;

From His glory to His glory to His image He conforms.


5 He transforms, all sanctifying, till like Him we are matured;

He transforms, our soul possessing, till His stature is secured.


Again, we were very glad that so many of the readers came to join us this round. May the Lord recover our proper eating of the word, that we may be constituted by the truth, and grow in life continuously.


For more info about the book we are reading: click The Knowledge of Life


The next upcoming event is the Truth Seminar 9, on The Shining Golden Lampstand (Cont’d), on 25 Aug (Sat), 2-6pm @ Mandarin Orchard Hotel. Click here for more info: https://truthbookroom.com.sg/event/truth-seminar-9/



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