It was a great time meeting our readers again last Saturday (14 July) after our one-month term break! We have read two-third of the Chapter 10 concerning the law of Life, the assignment during the week will be to finish reading the remaining portion of this chapter.


Hebrews 10:16, “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord: I will put my laws on their heart, and upon their mind also will I write them.


“If this law of life is to regulate its contents out of us, it must pass through our heart; therefore, the working of this law of life within us requires the cooperation of our heart. … The result is that it causes us to have a certain consciousness within. When we have this consciousness, we must obey it by the power of this life.


The more we obey, the more we afford Him the opportunity to work. Such continued interaction of cause and effect working within us results in the unceasing manifestation of the functions of the two elements, death and resurrection, contained in life.

The function of death: takes away all that we should not have within us.
The function of resurrection: adds in all that is of the life of God.


Furthermore, the working of this law and these two functions of death and resurrection are also full of power to enable us to answer the unlimited demand of God and live out all that is in the life of God. Thus, we allow the life of God to grow up gradually and mature within us.


In the meantime, when this life works within us, constantly regulating us, our inclination toward God, submission to God, and service to God become natural and easy, living and fresh.


It is in this living law that God becomes our living God and we become His living people. We may say that our relationship with God is all in this law of life.”

We will continue to read Chapter 11 on this coming Saturday. May we be impressed by what was being presented in the chapters, open to the Lord for His dealing of our heart, so that this wonderful and powerful life can operate, regulate, and work in us.


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