Thank the Lord for another reading session on the book The Knowledge of Life. on 26 May Saturday afternoon, we shared the summary for Chapter 3 (The First Experience of Life — Regeneration), and read together Chapter 4 (That Which is Gained through Regeneration).


A portion in Chapter 3 saying,

“…When the Holy Spirit, by our believing in the Lord Jesus, puts God’s life into our spirit and causes us to be born of God, to become God’s children, and in the new creation to be united with God as one, this is regeneration.”


Another portion in Chapter 4 saying,

“…We must see that what we obtain through regeneration is too great, too high, too rich, and too glorious. Through regeneration we obtain the life of God and the law of this life. Through regeneration we obtain a new heart and a new spirit. Through regeneration we further obtain the Holy Spirit, Christ, and God Himself. These are truly sufficient for us—sufficient to make us holy and spiritual, sufficient to make us victorious and transcendent, and sufficient to make us grow and mature in life.”


Indeed, we need to see that we are regenerated and become God’s children the moment we believe into Him. May this life that we received through regeneration will continue to grow  unto maturity!


For the week’s assignment, all readers will read Chapter 5 – The Sense of Life together with respective reading companion(s) before the next group session on 2 June.


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