Yesterday we commenced the 1st session of 8-week reading journey for The Knowledge of Life, by Witness Lee! It was so joyful to see many new faces and familiar faces, and to read through together Chapter 1 and 2, concerning what life is and the experience of life.


“…in summary, life is the Triune God. But to us, life is not the Triune God in heaven, but the Triune God flowing out. This flowing out of the Triune God means that His content, which is Himself, first flowed out through Christ; then it flowed out as the Spirit to be received by us as life. Thus, when we touch God in Christ as the Spirit, we touch life, for life is God in Christ as the Spirit.”


“…To experience life is to experience God, to experience Christ, and to experience the Holy Spirit. This is not something of our own doing or attempt at improvement; rather it is the issue of God moving in us, Christ living out through us, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit in us. May we pursue after this.”


For this week’s assignment, all readers will read Chapter 3 – The First Experience of Life together with respective reading companion(s) before the next group session on 26 May.


May we know this life and grow in life together!


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