Since life is God Himself, so to experience God is to experience life. Any and all experiences that does not touch God is not an experience of life.


“An experience which results from God passing through man and man passing through Him is considered an experience of life. For example: in our prayer we meet God, become enlightened, see our own fault, and deal with it before God. It is not that we detect our own fault, but rather, when we draw near to God, we are inwardly met by God, and thereby we see our own fault. God is light; hence when we meet Him, we see our own fault in His light. We naturally confess to God and ask for the cleansing of the Lord’s blood. As a consequence, God passes through us, and we also pass through God. Such experience causes us to experience God; therefore, it is the experience of life.


Let’s say you did something wrong and had some repentance, but if it is not due to God’s enlightenment but due to your own introspection, then it is not an experience of life since there is no contact with God whatsoever. So have you ever experienced this before?


“All experiences of life are from God and are His working within us; therefore, they can cause us to touch God and experience Him. All experience that is not such is not the experience of life, for life is God, and to experience life is to experience God. Hence, any such experience of God will show forth life (Phil. 2:13-16).”


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