We are grateful to the Lord for the second reading session on the book The Glorious Church. On 14 Apr 2018, we read together Chapter 3 on The Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ.

From this chapter, we learnt that in the Lord’s eyes, the church has two positions: as to her life, the church is the Body of Christ, but regarding her future, she is the Bride of Christ. As to the union of Christ with the church, the church is His Body; regarding the intimate relationship of Christ with the church, the church is His Bride.

Every Christian must know the Body of Christ. … We cannot just live as individuals, we must walk together with other children of God. … He must live as a member with many other Christians, having a mutual, Body-relatedness with them. If we really know the life of the Body, we will see that a Christian cannot live one day without the Lord Jesus, and neither can he live one day without other Christians.

Furthermore, when we read Eph 5:25-27, Christ will bring the church and present it to Himself. This presenting, however, is in the future. The church today has not yet attained to this place. Christ is working step by step in the church until that day when He presents her to Himself. …The natural life and all that is not out of Christ must be purged away. Sanctification can only come after cleansing, and the basis of cleansing is the Lord’s word, the rhema. … The central point of our prayers should be our longing for the Lord’s speaking.

Finally, we see from Rev 1:5-6 that not only where the Lord Jesus is, but also where the church is, the kingdom of God is. … Since the work of the church is to stand for God and not give any ground to Satan, what manner of living should we have to accomplish this task? All our sins and unrighteousness must be dealt with, our consecration to God must be thorough, our soul-life must be put to death, and our natural man must be abandoned.

May the Lord have mercy on us and continue to gain us for His eternal purpose.


For individual reading assignment during the week, all readers will read Chapter 4 “And She Brought Forth…A Man-Child” – Part A.

Truly we are entering into a very important portion in the Bible concerning the woman in Revelation 12 and the man-child. Watchman Nee’s clear expounding of this portion reveals who this woman actually is. Knowing this woman is really fundamental. It paves the way for us to know a more important principle “the man-child” – the overcomers.

The Lord’s coming is drawing near.  Our time are all precious. May we seize opportunity to see the truth and be today’s overcomers! 


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