On 23rd June 2018, Saturday, Truth Seminar 8 – The Shining Golden Lampstand, was held by The Truth Bookroom at Mandarin Orchard Hotel. Over half of the participants were from our past seminar(s), while the rest were fresh faces. Since this topic is content-heavy as well, it has been split into 2; some parts were covered during this seminar, while the rest of the content will be covered during the upcoming seminar on 25th August 2018.


We learnt that the lampstand in Exodus, the lampstand in Zechariah, and the lampstands in Revelation are three stages of the truth concerning the lampstand. The golden lampstand signifies the Triune God. We also dived more in-depth into the structures of the lampstand and its significances; it has a shaft with six branches going out from its sides, three branches on the right side and three branches on the left side, there are also three layers – the cups, the knobs, and the blossoming buds. The substance of the lampstand signifies God the Father, its form signifies God the Son, and its expression signifies God the Spirit. We must be deeply impressed that the lampstand in reality is the very Triune God, and all the fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily in Christ; this Christ has been expressed, and His expression is the sevenfold intensified Spirit.

The golden lampstand is also a growing tree. The cups shaped like almond blossoms signifies the resurrection life blossoming; the knobs, the calyxes, the external green leafy parts of the flowers containing the blossoming buds, signifies the sustaining and supporting power of the resurrection life; and the buds, the petals, signifies the expression of the resurrection life.


Exo. 25:31 – And you shall make a lampstand of pure gold…


What is truly marvelous is that the lampstand is made of pure gold; meaning there is no wood, stubble, grass or anything besides gold in its composition (without any impurities). In biblical typology, gold denotes divine nature. We should not have any impurities in us; we should not live a natural life in a natural way in the church life. We have been born of God, thus we have God’s divine life and nature, and we have Christ in us and are a part of Christ.


Eph. 5:30 – Because we are members of His Body.


Lastly, we also learnt that the church is the reproduction of Christ; the church is the Body of Christ as an organism, and the church is the reprint of the Holy Spirit. God is embodied in Christ, and Christ is realised as the Spirit. Both this Christ, who is the embodiment of God, and this Spirit, who is the reality of Christ, signifies the lampstand. In our spirit, we have the reprint of the divine Spirit, which is the church in practicality.


The next seminar held at Mandarin Orchard Hotel on 25th August 2018, Saturday, 2-6PM, will be a continuation the previous topic, the Shining Golden Lampstand. We welcome you all to join us!


Truth Seminar 9: The Shining Golden Lampstand (Cont’d)

Date: 25 August 2018 (Saturday)
TIme: 2 – 6pm
Venue: Mandarin Orchard Hotel
Registration: https://tinyurl.com/ts9tbr

We welcome you all to join us!

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