Concerning the Person of Christ


Our Lord is definitely the Son of God and the Son of Man as well. He is the perfect God and a complete man as well. He is truly God and truly man, and He is both God and man. He has perfect divinity as well as complete humanity. The two natures in Him are neither confused nor separated. Although He has two natures, still He is one person. His Person cannot be divided, and His natures may not be confused. This is the proper revelation as shown in the entire Holy Word of God; this is also the orthodox view of the church of God through the ages. Our Lord who is both God and man, one person with two natures, without separation and without confusion is truly a mystery of mysteries and is worthy to receive our worship and praise forever.

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Catalog 06-008-001
ISBN 978-0-87083-088-4
Published by Living Stream Ministry
Language English
Pages 47
Author Witness Lee


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