In order to experience the power from the baptism in the Holy Spirit for the preaching of the gospel, we must love people. We should pray, “Lord, impress me with and grant me a concern for others. Impart Your love into me that I may have a genuine love for the perishing souls.” If we have this kind of concern, the Lord will honor our believing, and our experience in going out to preach will be greatly improved.

We also need to thoroughly confess every offense in our conscience. We need to exercise ourselves to have a conscience without offense toward God and men (Acts 24:16). If there is an offense that condemns our conscience, it will be difficult for us to have living faith. Therefore, we must confess our sins. If we have a genuine love for people and a proper confession of our sins, our faith will be living.

We also need to go out in faith. Whenever we contact people, we must believe that we are under the baptism in the Holy Spirit. If we go out in this way, the Lord will honor our faith. Many times in my ministry in the past, according to my own feeling, I seemed to be weak, depressed, and perturbed. However, because I realized that I still needed to minister not by myself but by the Lord, I took the standing that the baptism in the Spirit was upon the Body and that I was a member of the Body. Then I was able to minister with the full assurance of faith. The Lord honors this standing.


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