Triune God Has Now Become Our All, The (Music CD)


Hymns of Life and Truth

Living Stream Ministry has published the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee for more than thirty years in the United States, but until now the treasures in their ministry have not been broadly released through their hymns. Hymns of Life and Truth is a collection of hymns by Watchman Nee, Witness Lee, and others—fitting for every lover and seeker of the Lord Jesus Christ to uplift their appreciation of Him. Charles Wesley said, “The theology people believe is the theology they sing.” May the truth in these hymns encourage all believers to pursue after Christ and to gain Him.

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1. The Triune God Has Now Become Our All Witness Lee Swedish Folk Melody,
Arr. by Mrs. Paul Friedmann
2. God Created Us His Vessels Witness Lee John Stainer
3. Lord, Transform Us to Thine Image Witness Lee William B. Bradbury
4. What Love Thou Hast Bestowed on Us Witness Lee Henry S. Cutler
5. O How Glorious, O How Holy Witness Lee Jaochim Neander
6. Deep Down into the Depths of This Thy Name M.E. Barber James Langran
7. God Intends that All His Being Witness Lee James Mountain
8. I Praise Thee for Thy Mystery Witness Lee Ralph Harrison
9. My Strength is Nothing But Thy Grace Watchman Nee H. Percy Smith
10. God’s Eternal Purpose is to Join with Man Witness Lee M. Koch, fr.
Geistliche Lieder
11. Lo, the Central Thought of God Witness Lee Anon.
12. Glory be to God the Father J.F. Garland Ira D. Sankey


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