Content: Ch6-The Path of Progress: Presenting Ourselves to God, The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

Guest: ZL, CA, USA


“We have only one life to live down here and we are free to do as we please with it, but if we seek our own pleasure our life will never glorify God. A devoted Christian once said in my hearing, ‘ I want nothing for myself; I want everything for God.” Do you want anything apart from God, or does all your desire center in His will? Can you truly say that the will of God is ‘good and acceptable and perfect’ to you? ( Romans 12:2).” — The Normal Christian Life, p.100 


Does consecration mean to do something for God? Our guest shared her enlightenment from the reading regarding the true meaning of consecration.

” What touched me the most is the matter that consecration is not offering to God what we can do or what we think is the best. It is simply a transferring of ownership and authority, placing ourselves open, emptied and without any resistance to God’s will. It is as if we are a blank sheet of paper, not knowing, not assuming, not imposing anything as precious to ourselves – “there are cherished ideals, strong wills, precious relationships, much-loved work” – all these are not evil or sinful things. In fact, these might be good things, precious things even things related to Godliness. But when we realize we are the possession of our beloved Master, we will go on giving ourselves to Him in this way, “not finding fault with His use of me, but accepting with praise even what the flesh finds hard.”


An experience that I had was when I sought the Lord’s leading upon graduation. I thought I should drop all my work and study – and that would be my consecration to Him. However, through some experiences, the Lord led me to apply for graduate programs. He showed me that service is not a matter of outward activities but a matter of inward position. No matter where we are, what we are doing, we are a bond slave to the Lord. It is with the blessed consciousness that “we are not our own” that we consecrate ourselves, we present ourselves to Him. Every day, we must go on presenting ourselves to Him in this way, open and emptied. This is what brings the awareness of His continual presence.” (ZL)


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