Third, believing that we have been crucified with Christ and that we have been buried, we must apply this death to ourselves. Therefore, we must be circumcised. This is the application of the death of Christ to our flesh. If we realize that we are buried with Christ and raised with Christ, we must put our flesh to death; we must apply the death of Christ to our fleshly members. This is circumcision, and this is what we must practice day by day. We must daily take the ground that we are dead and buried and apply the death of Christ to our members. We not only need to apply His death to all our situation but also moment by moment to apply His death to our fleshly members and put them to death.

In the second chapter of Colossians we are told that we have been buried and raised with Christ and then in chapter three that our life is now hid with Christ in God. On this basis, we are then told in Colossians 3:5: “Put to death therefore your members which are on the earth.” If we realize our burial and resurrection with Christ, we must apply His death to our fleshly members in a practical way by faith.


Fourth, immediately after applying the death of Christ to our members on the ground of being buried and resurrected with Him, we enjoy something of the life. We enjoy the produce of the land, the all-inclusive Christ. The manna stops, and the produce of the land takes its place. The large Christ replaces the little Christ. Before this, we were continually enjoying a little Christ—the manna. But by this time, the little Christ has ceased. Now we are tasting the greater, the richer, the fuller Christ; now we are enjoying the land, the all-inclusive Christ.

Brothers and sisters, are you now enjoying the manna, or are you now enjoying the land? What are you enjoying today? Undoubtedly, we are all enjoying Christ, but what kind of Christ? Perhaps there are some who are enjoying Christ only as the lamb of the passover. Most of us, probably, are enjoying Him only as the daily manna. But the produce of the land is much better than manna. What is your experience? Perhaps some of you would say that it is very difficult to answer. Sometimes you enjoy Christ as the manna, and sometimes, it seems, you enjoy Christ as the produce of the land. Whether or not you enjoy Him as the produce of the land depends very much on your burial. How much have you realized that you have been buried and that you are now on the ground of resurrection?

Let me illustrate. Suppose that early this morning I met a certain person who is extremely peculiar. This particular person always causes me to experience the resurrection life. The Lord has created this person and in His sovereign wisdom has brought him to me. He knows why I need him. In order to deal with him I need the very power of resurrection day by day. Suppose that early this morning this person acted very strangely and greatly disturbed me. I was exceedingly unhappy with him and my anger was aroused. Then, returning to my room, I felt condemned in my conscience and made confession to the Lord. I said, “Lord, forgive me! I failed; I have been defeated. But, I praise You, Lord, I am cleansed by Your precious blood!” After confessing and being forgiven, I was nourished; I enjoyed something of Christ. What kind of enjoyment was this? It was the enjoyment of Christ as a little bit of manna. I enjoyed the manna.

Now suppose that another day this same person troubled me again, and I was disturbed by him. But this time I took the ground of resurrection. I said, “Lord, I am resurrected! On the ground of resurrection, I exercise my spirit to put my members to death.” Then instead of being angry with him, I was so happy in the Lord. I could say, “Hallelujah! Praise You, Lord, for my dear, peculiar brother!” I applied the Lord’s death to my members which are always angry with others, and I gained a fresh experience and enjoyment of Christ. What kind of experience was this? This experience was quite different from that of Christ as the manna. This was an experience of Christ as the produce of the good land. You see, both were experiences of Christ, but Christ in different aspects. In the first way I enjoyed Christ as the little manna, and in the second way as the rich produce of the land. ( The All-inclusive Christ, pp. 162-164, Witness Lee)

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