The Bible shows us that God has ordained for every Christian a life that is filled with joy. This life is completely at peace, has no barriers in its fellowship with God, and is not contrary to His will in any way. The life that God has prepared for a Christian is one that does not thirst after the world. It walks apart from sin and is victorious over sin. It is holy, powerful, and victorious. It knows the will of God and fellowships with God without interruption. This is the life that God has ordained in the Scripture for a Christian. The life that God ordains for a Christian is one that is filled with peace and joy. It is a life that is full of activity, vitality, and God’s will. But what kind of life do we live? If we are not living the life that God has ordained, we need to overcome and breakthrough in this matter. Consequently, we need to consider our experience today. This is not an easy subject to speak on. Some of our experiences may be quite sad. However, we will see our lack when we humble ourselves. Only then will God grant us grace.

We have to pray to God that we do not deceive ourselves. God can only bless one kind of people—those who are honest before Him. In Philip’s preaching, we see that as soon as the lying before God stops, His blessing will follow. We have to say, “O God, I have lied to You. Forgive me.” …Brothers and sisters, let us stop all the lies. We have lied to God long enough…We have failed before God! Confessing before men in this way is a glory to God’s name. Thank and praise Him! All those who are honest will be blessed. Thank and praise Him! I believe many will meet God this time, and God will bless them.


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